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'Minimize Art' for solo instrument & metronome - Els Millenaar (bass and treble clef)

In 2008 things started to go wrong- the credit crunch destabilized our society in ways that we could not have imagined. Only by taking drastic measures it would be possible to avert a total bankruptcy of our civilisation, or so it seemed. And the measures taken were drastic indeed, especially in the arts departments. Theatre companies, ballet companies, orchestras, musicians and artists, art education in all levels of society, none were spared huge cuts. Many succumbed and simply disappeared.

I wrote minimize art in 2008 in a playful reaction to the announcement of the first measures taken- the abolishments of subsidies seemed improbable and unbelievable, and they would never last.

Five years on we know better- cuts are still imposed in a great many disciplines and fields throughout society, and we still can’t see where it will end.

I revised the piece and am hopeful that the player will execute it with humor- it is the only way to survive trying times. Place the metronome on a stool or wooden box so it will be heard and seen.

Between the parts: take time to adjust the tempo.

Changes: Time signature from 4/4 to 2/2 and extra notes in regard to the execution. The piece is suitable for all brass instruments (treble- and bass clef) and various other instruments like clarinet and bassoon. Other arrangements by request.

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