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Symphony No.3 “Titanic”

December 2013
Symphony No.3 “Titanic” (2011-2012) Christian Blaha (Score & parts)christian
"Embark" (sample)

Minimize art

Nov. 2013
I wrote minimize art in 2008 in a playful reaction to the announcement of the first measures taken- the abolishments of subsidies seemed improbable and unbelievable, and they would never last. 
Five years on we know better- cuts are still imposed in a great many disciplines and fields throughout society, and we still can’t see where it will end.
Els Millenaar

Lyndon Baglin

 The Lyndon Baglin Workshop 
Baglin Project
November 27, Veere (the Netherlands) 
 1. My personal history
- Introduction to brass bands
- The early years
2. My experience with Championship bands including
- CWS(Manchester)
- Black Dyke Mills
- Brighouse & Rastrick
- Stanshawe/Sun Life
- Fairey
- Cory
3. The Euphonium
4. Masterclass (on request) 
5. Question and answer session

Carnival in Venice

sept. 2013
Ready for a new challence? Try this one!

Little paintings

july 2013
Frank Peeters performing the title track of his CD Little Paintings (2012) on a Lanikai ukulele.
Available on CD here  or separate tracks here

Download the "little paintings guide". Play six songs from the album with the help of sheet music!