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New pieces

Coming soon -- new pieces for piano and cornet / trumpet.
Next week audio/video recording with the two composers Huug Steketee and Christian Blaha.resize 512

Symphony 1 & 2

13 feb. 2013 


Christian Blaha's symphony 1 & 2 now online!

Composers contact

Composers like to keep in touch with their audience.
You can contact the composers directly on the email adresses below.
Don't be shy!
They will appreciate it!
Huug Steketee:  huugsteketee (at) duinenburg.com
Christian Blaha:  christianblaha (at) duinenburg.com
Els Millenaar: elsmillenaar (at) duinenburg.com
Frank Peeters: frankpeeters (at) duinenburg.com
Stefan Knuijt: stefanknuijt (at) duinenburg.com

Symphony No.1 "Jahreszeiten"

3 february 2013 

Coming soon,  a major work for symphonic orchestra:
Symphony No. 1  " Jahreszeiten" (duration 29 min.) – by Christian Blaha
Listen to a “ Garritan” sound sample of part 1  "Frühling"

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Chanson Pastorale

3 february 2013 
Solo for cornet & brassband.
(Listen to a beautiful recording  here)